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    This site was created to provide a forum to answer some plaguing questions about the "Miracle Flight 1549" that landed in the Hudson River on Jan 15, 2009
  • My main reason for suspicion of a PSYOP (psychological operation) is this: The conflict in Gaza was starting to draw the public's attention, and the Main Stream Media (MSM) could not avoid this story any longer. So in comes a "Miracle plane landing." ...Thus drowning out the Genocide taking place in Gaza, where over 400 childeren and women were killed by the IDF (Israel Defense Force).
  • If you are curious about this horrific reality that is taking place... just search for Dime Bombs in Gaza. Also please click the MSM pro.. tab to see a Documentary made in 2003, which will help you understand how this tragedy came to be.
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sullyMr. Sullenberger and Mayor Bloomberg*

Mr. Sullenberger is the sole founder of  Safety Reliability Methods, Inc. (SRM), below are some excerpts from SRM’s website.


Our Mission: To utilize our expertise to apply the most effective methods to your organization to achieve the highest levels of safety, performance and reliability.

Our Business: Safety Reliability Methods, Inc. (SRM) was created to apply the latest advances in safety and high performance and high reliability processes to organizations in a variety of fields.

Many of these advances have their genesis in the ultra-safe world of commercial aviation.  Others have been developed as a result of studies of high-risk...


What is interesting (and disturbing) is that on January 13, the same airplane just two days before experienced some major problems (and was almost grounded). And Mr. Sullenberger has been completely silent on this issue.

‘Miracle Landing’ Cover-Up?
FAA had warned Airbus 320 planes were dangerous

American Free Press – February 9, 2009 – Issue 6 (By Victor Thorn)

Where is Capt. Sully Sullenberger, the heroic pilot who captured the nation’s imagination by safely landing his air-plane in the Hudson River after clearing the George Washington Bridge in midtown Manhattan? Considering the adulation he so rightly received, it’s hard to understand why he isn’t speaking with every media outlet conceivable. The airline industry could use a much-needed shot in the arm, yet Sullenberger is strangely missing in action. Why?

Capt. Sullenberger made only one appearance— when his hometown of Danville, Calif. insisted on welcoming him back. At his insistence, the event was kept small and Sullenberger spoke briefly, revealing nothing. His modesty is becoming and convenient.

Could his absence be due to a cover-up regarding defective engines aboard his airliner? On Jan. 20, CNN reported, “Two days before U.S. Airways Flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River, passengers on the same route and same aircraft say they heard a series of loud bangs, and the flight crew told them they could have to make an emergency landing.”

Independent consulting f irms and the NTSB verified that this was the exact same plane—AWE 1549— with the same tail number—N106US—that barely avoided a major urban catastrophe on Jan. 15.

Maintenance records for the Airbus 320 “indicate a compressor stall occurred on January 13.” A passenger aboard this flight, John Hodock, recounted his experience. “About 20 minutes after take-off, the plane had a series of compressor stalls. There were several loud bangs, and fire coming out of the right engine.” First class passenger Steven Jeffrey confirmed this account, saying the pilot announced over his intercom that the plane was experiencing “compression locks” which made the engines stall.

Coinciding with this data, on Jan. 21, Michael Amon of Newsday wrote that two weeks earlier, the Federal Aviation Administration “ordered heightened inspection procedures for the type of engine on that aircraft, saying it was prone to a rare type of stall.” The FAA specifically warned of “compressor stalls” that were “likely to exist or develop on the CFM 56-5B engine series.”

Both engines on Capt. Sullenberger’s airliner were CFM56-5Bs. The FAA also issued an “airworthiness directive” on Dec. 13, 2008, urging all airlines to inspect these types of engines.

Problems on the Jan. 13 flight were clearly serious as passengers stated that it sounded like the plane’s wings were breaking off, red emergency lights came on, and fire erupted from one engine after loud bangs were heard. Kirk Koening, president of Expert Aviation Consulting, told Newsday on Jan. 20 that stress from this type of compressor stall “can cause permanent engine damage.”

When Flight 1549 took off on Jan. 15, both engines shut off simultaneously in only 1.5 minutes, while passengers also noticed flames shooting from the engines. Again, this was the exact same plane, with the exact same tail number, taking off from the exact same airport, on the exact same route that had experienced near emergency compressor problems only two days earlier.

Too coincidental? Did this fated plane simply hit a flock of geese, or is there more to be revealed? Is Capt. Sullenberger’s silence a clue that he doesn’t want to implicitly partake in a cover-up? Alison Camastra, who was on the Jan. 13 flight, later voiced her suspicions to CNN. “It’s kind of concerning to me. As bad as the noises were and the shaking was on the plane that we were on, that they were still flying that plane two days later definitely concerns me.”

Senior NTSB investigator Robert Benzon informed Associated Press sources that “the probe into the crashlanding will take a year.”

May know more than he?s revealing.

*The mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, presented the Keys to the City to the crew of Flight 1549, and gave the pilot a replacement copy of a library book lost on the flight, Just Culture: Balancing Safety and Accountability, by Sidney Dekker.
Note: Mr. Sullenberger seems to have been way over qualified to fly this type of Jet. If you research his credentials and background, you will begin to understand why.

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